Recipe: The Alabama Stacker

The SEC championship is kicking off tomorrow with one of Smith Lake's teams in the running for the title! Whether you are lakeside or not ~ appetizers are a must! Add this little concoction to your grocery list for your game day menu.

The Alabama Stacker
Brown {or grill} the Conecuh Sausage and slice. Spread the pimento cheese onto the Saltines, top with sliced Conecuh and a dollop of Carolina Tangy Gold. For the final touch, add half of a Wickle. BAMMM!  

PS: I may or may not have a fondness for Conecuh Sausage as they are proudly made in my hometown! I also love Wickle Pickles, another Alabama brand I am a HUGE fan of! This COMBO is a MUST, thus I strongly encourage NOT substituting!!!

And PPS: I cannot take credit for this delicious-ness! Shout out to our Uncle 'Rawllll's' for whipping it up and sharing with us! 


T H E   B L O O D Y   B A R

One last combo, I'll share is our tradition of a Bloody Mary Bar for occasions such as this! I use glass votive containers for displaying the "trash". These make for easy before hand prep and storage. 

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Recipe: The Alabama Stacker